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Affordable Units at Fieldhouse Dinkytown
Fieldhouse Dinkytown is one of the student-housing apartments built within the surrounding neighborhoods of the University of Minnesota to be guided by the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan. 

Within the Comprehensive Plan is an Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) provision to provide a percentage of bedrooms at an affordable rate. The rate is determined by the City of Minneapolis on an annual basis. 

We have 64 bedrooms designated as affordable for those that qualify for the IZ program as detailed here.

Who is eligible to apply at Fieldhouse for an IZ unit?
Full-time college students who are Pell Grant eligible, in addition to those who meet the income eligibility set forth by the IZ program.
What floorplans are available?
We have studios and 1-5 bedrooms designated for IZ applicants. Please contact the office for our availability.
How do I apply for an IZ Unit?
Please contact the office staff at 612-503-8581 or to be sent an IZ application, and let us know if you are Pell Grant eligible, when you're looking to move in by, what size apartment/how many preferred roommates do you want to live with!

All applications are timestamped and will be reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. Completed applications are considered in the order that they are received, and all requirements must be met to finalize the lease.